Important Notice on Terms and Conditions of Use

By accessing this Site you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

Set out below are the Terms and Conditions that apply to your access to and use of the website for ARC Super (the "Site"). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

    1. Use and Operation of the Site

  • 1.1 All information accessible through the Site is only for the information of Australian residents. You must only use the Site if you are an Australian resident.
  • 1.2 You authorise us to act upon all instructions given to us using your Customer Number and Password.
  • 1.3 We will try to give effect to instructions that you give us using the Site as soon as practicable to the extent that is consistent with any relevant Trust Deed, relevant life insurance policy, the terms of participation applying to the particular member and, the law. However, we are under no obligation to act on any instruction given by you either on the day you give the instruction or at any time. We are not liable for any loss or damage in connection with our failure to act upon or delay in acting upon your instructions for any reason.
  • 1.4 We may at any time without notice suspend your access to the Site, cancel or render ineffective your Customer Number and Password or not act upon your instructions.

    2. Protecting the security of your Customer Number and Password

  • 2.1 You must protect the security of each of your Customer Number and Password.
  • 2.2 You must:
    • ensure that no one, other than an Authorised Person, knows your Customer Number or Password; and
    • not leave your computer unattended at any time while you are logged onto the Site.
  • 2.3 You must tell us as soon as possible if you become aware or suspect that:
    • your Customer Number or Password has been lost, stolen or misused, or has become known to a person other than an Authorised Person; or
    • someone may have accessed the Site or given instructions to us in relation to you without your authority.

    3. Accuracy of Information

  • 3.1 You must check your records relating to services accessible through the Site carefully. You must notify us as soon as possible if you think that any transaction or instruction may be in error or may have been made or given by someone else without your permission.
  • 3.2 Whilst we try to ensure that information is accurate, we do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of information that is made available through the Site. We will not be liable for or in connection with any loss or damage arising from any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in information made available through the Site.
  • 3.3 Without limiting the generality of clause 3.2, you acknowledge that:
    • information available through the Site is historical and is not an indication of future performance. It is not intended to be advice and does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of individual members. It should not be relied upon as the basis for any investment decision;
    • the unit prices available on the Site are historical and are not the unit prices applicable at the date of access;
    • links are made for your convenience only. Use of any links to other websites is at your own risk. Display of links to other websites on the Site is not a recommendation or endorsement by us of any products, services or information accessible through those links.

    4. Changes

  • 4.1 Subject to the requirements of any law (including any requirements as to notice), we may change these Terms and Conditions at any time. We may notify you of variations to these Terms and Conditions in any way we determine including, without limitation, by advertisement, by email or solely by publishing revised Terms and Condition on this Site. We may require you to accept the revised Terms and Conditions before entering the Site again.

    5. Application, Applicable Law and Severance

  • 5.1 These Terms and Conditions do not apply to the extent that they are inconsistent with any relevant Trust Deed.
  • 5.2 These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of New South Wales, Australia.
  • 5.3 If any part of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable at law, the rest of these Terms and Conditions are to be read so as to exclude that part and will remain enforceable to their fullest extent.

    6. Copyright and Trademarks

  • 6.1 All the content which is on or is available from this Site, including without limitation all information, text, software and graphic, photographic, audio, audio-visual and other material ("Information") is © Copyright 2003 owned or licensed by TAL Life Limited and/or related companies of TAL Limited ("TAL"). The Information may be viewed online and, except where otherwise indicated on this Site, may be downloaded and reproduced in hard copy for personal use only. Copying, reproduction, transmission, public performance, the posting, up-loading, re-publication, re-distribution or any other acts within the exclusive rights of the Copyright owner are otherwise prohibited unless with the express written consent of TAL or the Copyright owner. The Information may not be modified or adapted in any way and Copyright notices, trade marks and all other proprietary notices must remain intact at all times. To the extent that Copyright in the Information belongs to a third party, additional Terms and Conditions as to the use of the Information may apply.

    TAL and all associated trade marks (the "Trade Marks") are trade marks of TAL. Any use of the Trade Marks, including as a consequence of the use of and creation of links to the Site, are at the risk of the user and are subject to TAL’s rights and the user's general legal obligations. In particular, TAL makes no warranties and accepts no liability in relation to the use of the Trade Marks outside of Australia.

    7. Limitation of Liability

  • 7.1 Any use or reliance on Information available on the Site;
  • 7.2 Any interruption or termination of access to the Site or any delay in operation of the Site or transmission of instructions;
  • 7.3 Unauthorised access by any means or any breach of security arising in relation to the Site;
  • 7.4 The failure of the Site to perform in whole or in part any function which we have said it will perform; or any virus, communications failure, Internet access difficulties, or malfunction in equipment or software affecting the Site.

    8. Intellectual property rights

  • 8.1 All material available through this Site is owned by or licensed to TAL and is protected by intellectual property rights. You agree not to access, download or otherwise use any material on this Site in any way not expressly authorised by us. You accept full responsibility and indemnify us for any expense, loss or liability that we incur as a result of any use by you of the material on this Site that is not expressly authorised by us. You agree not to delete any copyright notices or other indications of protected intellectual property rights from materials that you print or download from this Site.

    9. Links

  • 9.1 Links from this Site to pages on any other website are provided for your convenience only and do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by TAL of the content of those pages. Use of these links is at your own risk. TAL does not control and is not responsible for any information or material found on those linked pages, or any website of which they form a part, and TAL does not endorse any views or recommendations of third parties included or referred to in any of the Information on this Site. You are not authorised to establish a link to this Site or use a TAL owned logo or trademark without our prior express written permission.

    10. Meaning of Important Words

  • "Customer Number" means the code, described as the "Customer Number", which we provide to you to allow you to access the Site.
  • "Password" means the password chosen by you to allow you to access the Site.
  • "Authorised Person" means a person authorised by us in writing as a person who can use your Customer Number and Password.
  • "You" and "Your" means you and any Authorised Person.
  • "We", "us" and "ours" means TAL Life Limited.