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The Trustee, TAL Superannuation Limited, is responsible for the prudential operation of the TAL Superannuation and Insurance Fund in the best interests of members, and for formulating and implementing an investment strategy.


The Trustee must distribute a deceased member’s death benefit among their dependants and/or legal personal representative. For this purpose, a dependant includes a deceased member’s spouse, child (regardless of age), or any other person who, at the time of death, was financially dependent on or in an interdependent relationship with the deceased member. 

To qualify for concessional tax treatment, a dependant must be under 18 years of age or financially dependent on the deceased member at the time of death (a spouse is automatically considered to be a financial dependant).

A child includes a stepchild, an adopted child, an ex-nuptial child, a child of a same sex partner and someone who is considered to be a child of a person under the Family Law Act 1975. A spouse includes legally married or de facto spouse and a same sex partner.

Investment manager

An individual or company that invests and manages the assets of others. Each manager has its own philosophy regarding investment management. Styles of management range from passive managers to active managers; there are quantitative managers, top-down managers, bottom-up managers, contrarian managers, fundamental managers, balanced managers, specialist sector managers, and many more. The ARC investment options are managed by Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited (Mercer) ABN 66 008 612 397.

Legal Personal Representative

An individual who is:

• an executor of another person’s will

• the administrator of a deceased person’s estate

• the trustee of a legally disabled person’s estate or affairs

• a person who has been granted an enduring power of attorney over the affairs of another person.

Where a death benefit exceeds $50,000, we will only recognise a person as the deceased member’s legal personal representative where that person holds a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Customer Education Modules

Accessing Your Superannuation

Learn about accessing your superannuation - when are you required to withdraw your benefits? What happens when you retire? and the difference between preserved benefits, unrestricted and restricted non-preserved benefits.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Financial Planning

Learn about financial planning - initial and ongoing considerations for a financial plan, the options for investments, superannuation and life insurance and how you can contact a financial adviser.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Investment Fundamentals

Learn about investment fundamentals - different asset types, the trade-off between risk and return and the reduction of risk through diversification.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Superannuation Contributions

Learn about superannuation contributions - who may contribute, the different types of superannuation contributions and how much you should be contributing.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Superannuation Death Benefits

Learn about superannuation death benefits - who the beneficiaries may be, the definition of an 'inter-dependency' relationship and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Superannuation Taxation

Learn more about superannuation taxation - the types of superannuation contributions, tax deductions, tax on investment earnings, tax on withdrawal, taxation of death benefits and what happens if you don’t provide a tax file number.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Estate Planning

Learn about estate planning - what does and doesn't form part of an estate? Considerations when making a Will and the role of ‘Powers of Attorney’.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF
Investor Guides

Understanding Diversification

Learn about diversification – what it means and the different types and levels of diversification. 

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Understanding Government Co-contributions

Learn about government co-contributions – what they are, whether you’re eligible and how they work.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Understanding Investment Options

Learn about switching investment options – why superannuation is a long-term investment, the cycle of market movement and the implications of changing superannuation providers. 

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Understanding Risk and Return

Learn about risk and return – the relationship between the two, the different degrees of risk and important considerations for choosing investment options. 

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF

Understanding Salary Sacrifice

Learn about salary sacrifice – what it is, how it works and whether it’s right for you.

02/05/2018 VIEW PDF